Aspects of the multimediality developed in Albanian online journalism

Show simple item record Zguri, Rrapo 2017-03-07T08:33:40Z 2017-03-07T08:33:40Z 2015
dc.identifier.isbn 978-9951-494-49-6
dc.description.abstract A large number of scholars consider multimediality as one of the essential features of online media. Distinguishing between "multi-media" and "multiple media", most researchers define the multimediality used in online media as the integration of two or more mediums or media formats in the process of reporting for online journalism. Based on the theoretical literature, the proposed paper is intended to shed light on the specifications and features of multimediality developed in major news websites localized in Albania. The research on multimediality of the news websites is focused in two plans: At first are studied separately multimedia elements that are used in online news reporting. Thus, making a kind of deconstruction of the concept of multi-media, this paper studies the use and specifics of photos, info-graphics, animations, videos and audios, analysing them as separate multimedia elements used in online news reporting. Later, in another plan, these multimedia elements are studied as part of "multimedia storytelling" package. Multimedia storytelling applied through integrated multimedia package, represents actually the highest level of multimediality of a news website and reflects the maximum use of the web capacity in this regard. The work undertaken in this paper aims to highlight the experience and the problems of the multimediality applied in major news websites in Albania, in comparison with models, achievements and best global practices in this field. Under this optics it is hoped that this trial be a useful study for media agencies operating in the field of new media and online journalism. Analysis and conclusions of this study are supported by an extensive empirical research conducted over a period of several years by the author of this research. The study also offers relevant and useful recommendations for online media activity in the future. en_US
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dc.publisher Kolegji AAB en_US
dc.subject multimedia en_US
dc.subject multiple media en_US
dc.subject multimediality en_US
dc.subject multimedia storytelling en_US
dc.subject multimedia package en_US
dc.title Aspects of the multimediality developed in Albanian online journalism en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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