The phenomenon of suicide in the region Ferizait

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dc.description.abstract The formulation of the concept of suicide as an act of fatal featuring choice of the person to die, it seems incomplete. This is due to the complex topic tem and differences in reception about life and situations vdekjen.Përballja unknown makes us feel differently. If this challenge presents a potential risk to prejudice the continuation of routine life, the manifestation of feelings dominated by fear. At the moment when we realize more through information, we can rationalize and find the explanation of phenomena and reduce the feeling of fear. While death remains unexplained phenomenon in terms of meaning. Therefore, the level of fear, hope, prayer, mercy, unable to ignore. In this context, one has presuppositions prove to escape from what does not find meaning and to turn more finding the meaning of life. In public opinion have announced the act of suicide does not fit with our culture, in public and in the media suicide should be treated separately for the consequences that leaves in our society, and treated as a cowardly act of non-choice problems , which would make our society away from this phenomenon and to have a healthy society. Ten September is World Day of suicide prevention. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the world a suicide attempt occurs every three seconds and every minute is a suicide. According to the WHO assessment shows that more people die by suicide than in armed conflicts. en_US
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dc.title The phenomenon of suicide in the region Ferizait en_US
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