Refugee crisis in Europe and respect of the refugee’s rights

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dc.description.abstract Human rights today are one of the rights, which in the era of globalization have just been set up and that in the past two decades have achieved to relativize the terms of the sovereignty of states, as were the case with the former Yugoslavia, and other continuously cases. So human rights, internationally have managed to stand on a pedestal and thus to be imposed as something that should definitely be respected by the states, because otherwise the latter will not be able to become part of global democratic processes. But in this scientific work will not be discussed the human rights in general, but, seeing that in recent years we have daily refugee’s crisis, I have seen with importance that in this scientific work to present the aspect of protection of the refugee rights, which rights are part of the international law on human rights – i.e. rights that are guaranteed under international law. But, whether really it happens in practice such a protection and how really are violated these rights, especially in certain Member States of the European Union, which has been gripped by a great wave of refugees and what will be the impact of this wave of refugees in Europe will be presented at this scientific work en_US
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dc.subject human rights en_US
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dc.subject refugees en_US
dc.subject international law en_US
dc.subject European Union en_US
dc.title Refugee crisis in Europe and respect of the refugee’s rights en_US
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