The role of public administration is as a bridge between politics and society

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dc.description.abstract Today's European principles indicate that the main role of the modern state to a market economy is to ensure equal and rights standards as the basis for everyday life , the economic activities of individuals and legal entities . The basic mechanism that should be used by state structures is the law .The modern concept of public administration , is built in two models, the French and Weber model in the late nineteenth century , creates a notion of hierarchical delegation of state powers to individuals, who operating within the public system Civil servants are not only and simply state administration , but also holders of state powers , who try to ensure that the constitutional and administrative principles apply to all activities of the public administration .The separation between politics and administration is made by thoughts , that , within the public domain , has two main parts, which although have interdependence, are based on different logic and have legitimacy unequal resources .Politics is based on public faith, expressed in free political elections, and validated after each electoral term . Administration is based on merit and professional skills of civil servants verified by free competition, in accordance with the legislation in force. Even Albanian administration are built facing s challenges of rapid economic - social development , with a changing environment , with a lack of stability in the area of legislation , political instability , with the low ethical , professional performance. and ethical , which did not stop and discourage its mission in fulfillment the objectives towards irreversible process of Euro- Atlantic integration. en_US
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dc.title The role of public administration is as a bridge between politics and society en_US
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