Cooperation between Intelligent Services and the Police in preventing the terrorism

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dc.description.abstract Terrorism and organized crime, and especially terrorism is ever increasing to being as the most serious threat and the challenge of all challenges to national security and therefore for international safety.Hence is the national and international mobilization in order to deal with this challenge. The current doctrine and concept of protection from these threats and challenges are apparently proved insufficient or "narrow", thus the strategy of combating and preventing the threat of this kind of Security should be redefined and restructured. In this restructuring and the redefinition of the strategy, without a doubt, the primary issue is the need of a strategic cooperation between intelligent services and police. By saying this we consider the newly created situation and the aggressive imposition of modern terrorism, where except brutality, the other characteristic of manifestationof current terrorist activities is the tactic and craftiness of terrorist groups as well as indoctrination of highintensity, which makes them difficult to defeat. This deep ideological indoctrination on religious or national basis increases the need for prevention and their demystification anddeideologizing. This new strategy cannot succeed without a very close cooperation between intelligent and police services. By intelligent, it is meant on the state intelligent services and intelligent services of allcountries, countries of the coalition against global terrorism. en_US
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dc.subject Terrorism en_US
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dc.title Cooperation between Intelligent Services and the Police in preventing the terrorism en_US
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