Use of the term criminal prosecution and investigation of crime or "joint criminal enterprise”

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dc.description.abstract The paper "The use of the term criminal prosecution and investigation of crime or" joint criminal enterprise "is a modest work that aims to promote the method of writing scientific papers alongside our Masters level studies, Criminal direction near the University. Use of the term and theory of prosecution and investigation of crime as JCE (Joint Criminal Enterprise - a joint criminal enterprise) for the first time appeared at the ICTY through a proposal in writing to the Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte and its author was the prosecutor Dermot Groome American citizen, who at that time was legal officer for Bosnia, and one of the top American investigator John Cencich for crimes committed in Croatia. In 2002, the International Criminal Court (ICC-ICC) was established in The Hague (Netherlands) and the Rome Statute provides the ICC have jurisdiction over the offenses as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. The definition of that what is considered a "crime against humanity" in the proceedings of the ICC's expanded definition significantly from the original one that was used by the United Nations. In essence, the Statute of Rome uses the same definition for crimes against humanity to the ICC for Rwanda ICTR Statute also giving him the attack was carried out "on national, political, ethnic, racial or religious" Besides, definition of the Rome Statute provides broader list of specific offenses that may constitute crimes against humanity so far. en_US
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dc.subject Joint Criminal Enterprise. en_US
dc.title Use of the term criminal prosecution and investigation of crime or "joint criminal enterprise” en_US
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