Administration and politics

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dc.identifier.isbn 978-9928-4345-1-7
dc.description.abstract Public Administration is positioned and interacts with political level which conceives laws and decisions and on the other hand, citizens, who are directly affected by these laws and decisions. Consequently, the administration is likely to help politicians withexpertise and also take the initiative to draft laws and decisions; Implement laws passed by Parliament; Oversee the implementation of laws and regulations; To assess the effect of the implementation of laws and the need for change. In other words, the public administration is an essential element and the strongest pillar that provides stability in a country. The paper aims to treat the relationship between the political level and the administrative apparatus and the interaction between them. For this reason, different schools of thought regarding the relationship between politics and administration are mentioned including established practices in different contexts. Special focus is given to the current situation in Kosovo unfolding legal basis and practices created during the interaction between the political and administrative level. en_US
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dc.publisher Kolegji AAB en_US
dc.subject public administration en_US
dc.subject state administration en_US
dc.subject administrative apparatus en_US
dc.subject interaction en_US
dc.title Administration and politics en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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