Corporate security in the region of the western balkansavn

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dc.description.abstract The work has descriptive character, consisting of several related units, the introduction would be based on empirical description of the topic, which we will process through presenting genesis and formation of modern concepts related to the cooperative security legislation. Historical emergence of corporate security system of the EU, to the description of the corporate security as strategic business functions, which presents aspects of corporate security, its relationship with other business functions, and to demonstrate the role and importance of corporate security for a successful business in modern conditions is the goal of this work. Uniquely display various aspects of the design process of corporate security: the structure of the organizational unit for corporate security, features and profile of managers, as well as other jobs of integral security organizational units. All this points to the importance of establishing the modern concept of corporate security legislation and regulatory framework in which acts corporate security. Autorpresent the transition development of activities of cooperative security, through the formation of legal regulations, which they were going through and adapting to different systems and political authorities through which Europe and Bosnia and Herzegovina were passing through their long history. The genesis of job creation in the field of corporative security business in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well author describes comparisons of short comings of our legislation in relation to the EU, but only the part that relates to the operation of the establishment and functioning of law and business in the domain of larger companies. Description of the importance of infiltrating this activity in the security system of all countries of Europe, as irresistible part of security system of each country that can response to all requirements that are in its domain. In the end, author analyze the work of large companies and their respect of law, pointing to both positive and negative sides, indicating to possible solutions that would contribute to and lead to establishing an integrated and strong system related to corporative security. en_US
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dc.subject corporate security en_US
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dc.title Corporate security in the region of the western balkansavn en_US
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