Environmental issues between the government and the opposition, business and civil society

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dc.contributor.author Xhoga, Denisa
dc.date.accessioned 2017-05-23T11:49:59Z
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dc.date.issued 2017
dc.identifier.issn 1848-4298
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dc.description.abstract Environmental issues often create debate between government and opposition, civil society and industrial businesses. Between these four players stand as a referee the media. In this area the public relations of the government and opposition are clear, as well as are distinguished new forms of interaction between information with marketing and public relations. The biggest debates have begun with the request of businesses, for example, to build near the artificial lake, the importation of waste from Europe, with the government request for the import of chemical weapons, the establishment of Hydropower‟s in Valbona and elsewhere, debate that open and reopen occasionally trying to find a social field for approval. Scenarios are always the same: the business; the industrial actors promote the political force that is in rule, to take legislative initiatives. These are made public through the media, which publishes the smell that is creating an absorbing debate audience. Media of all shapes, classic, off-line and on-line become the arena of "war". According to media Couldry contains the keys to go to the authorities. According to him, media "the symbolic power" carries a broad impact on society more prominent than other forms of power, such as economic power. Following the publication of the initiative government media rises civil society, the examples of the past 5 years have shown how "civil society", but ordinary citizens are organizing protests through calls made "on line", by civil society actors. Online media, social networks and blogs have served as a means of protest action organization, supported and in some cases even promoted by the opposition. "This is the dynamics of mass communication" by Joseph Dominic explained. According to Tocqueville social thinkers have highlighted the complex balance of good and evil, social, accompanied by powerful media institutions. en_US
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dc.title Environmental issues between the government and the opposition, business and civil society en_US
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