The influence of socio-economic factors in the field of security, the Kosovo case study

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dc.description.abstract The field of security is the most important and sensitive segment of a society; respectively, of a country. The security, as an ontological attribute of a country, requires a continuous governmental attention, dedication, treatment and care. On the contrary, the state becomes a subject of attacks, its sustainability is jeopardized and in the end, even its own existence is endangered. The factors that have impact in the security of a country are numerous, internal and external. The socio-economic factors are, undoubtedly, among the internal factors that have the greatest impact in the security of a country and individual citizens’ security of a given country. Nowadays, the security is a challenge even for countries that are known for their steady judicial and political tradition, for their consolidated security apparatus, let alone for new countries that suffer from institutional fragility and from security system, which is not consolidated well, such as Kosovo. In the efforts to consolidate the security system of Kosovo and in the creation of a sustained security, the socio-economic stability is of a pivotal importance. In other words, the socio-economic factors are the factors that determine the level and the quality of security. Which are these factors, what is their impact, which are the Kosovo policies and what is the rapport – how are these factors interfaced with the state of security are the points or issues that are going to be dealt with in this paper. en_US
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dc.relation.ispartofseries Vol. III,;Issue 7
dc.subject socio-economic en_US
dc.subject security en_US
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dc.subject system en_US
dc.subject Kosovo en_US
dc.title The influence of socio-economic factors in the field of security, the Kosovo case study en_US
dc.type Working Paper en_US

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