Transformation of ownership – privatization in Gjakova municipality Period 1990 – 1999

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dc.description.abstract Many difficulties accumulated over the years, which socialism as a socio-economic formation produced, precipitated uproars and political and economic shocks in several countries of the Eastern Bloc in the beginning of 80s. Poland was the breaking ground and subsequently, the waves of uproar, through Kosovo, reached the country formerly called Yugoslavia. There was no stopping to this turmoil, and in due time, it encompassed all the countries of Eastern Europe and even farther, generating its first concrete impact on collapsing the socialism as a socio-economic formation in the beginning of 90s. It also engulfed USRR (Russia), as the genesis, the place where socialism sprung. It was obvious that some changes in the eastern bloc countries were needed as the socialist economy deteriorated to the extent that it brought nations to the brink of mere existence, losing all its former glamour. The analysis of that time of the issue at hand point out, inter alia, the issue of undefined ownership, as the property back then was either state owned or socially owned (in former Yugoslavia), and it was not private property like in capitalist countries where the economy was intensively blooming. Against this background, there was some organizational transformation in the economy of Gjakova municipality at that time, which preceded the proper ownership transformation – the privatization. This paper shall shed light into: What actually happened in the economy of Gjakova municipality during these ten years; The way how the capital transformed pursuant to law; and Assessment of the results achieved under those Kosovo business conditions. As per data obtained from the enterprises in Gjakova municipality, this topic concerns a certain period of time, which insofar, nobody has actually tackled, analyzed nor evaluated from this perspective. On the other hand, this is a widely controversial issue discussed for years, before and after the Kosovo war, by the economic and political community of Kosovo. As the period of ten years, 1990 – 1999 represents the end of the Former State of Yugoslavia and the Beginning of the Establishment of new States from Its federal constituent elements, this document has special importance. en_US
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dc.title Transformation of ownership – privatization in Gjakova municipality Period 1990 – 1999 en_US
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