Reasons for Violence in Kosova Sport

Show simple item record Vehapi, Shemsedin Salihu, Hazir Ameti, Vullnet Zeqa-Rexhepi, Valbona 2017-03-01T14:40:28Z 2017-03-01T14:40:28Z 2009
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dc.description.abstract Given the fact that sport represents a cultural and spiritual value of every society and human civilization, and as such it requires a deeper treatment and multidimensional research of factors and phenomena that are related to sport and affect directly the degree of sport development in certain environments and societies. Kosova sport, like any other activity, has passed a difficult stage of circumstances created in the prewar as well as in the postwar period. As a result of these circumstances, the sport has stalled at a dissatisfactory level and continues to be associated with phenomena that are of concern and damage not only the image of the sport but also that of the people of Kosova society. One of the most frightful phenomena that continues to be very present and at a very high level, is violence in sport events, which appears in various forms and by different actors. Although it has been debated a greta deal on violence and damage caused by sport, and overall image, it has not been treated yet in proper scientific and professional way, and no institutional efforts have been made to investigate the causes which are the source of this phenomenon. Therefore, experts of physical culture and sport should initiate a scientific and institutional approach to research this phenomenon. The Center for Sport Research has designed a research project which is mainly based on the collection of opinions from actors and different categories which are directly involved in sports and directly or indirectly involved in violent events in sports shows. For this purpose a questionnaire was compiled, which aims to collect the opinions of key actors in sport, such as: fans, sportsmen, teachers (trainers), judges, donors, managers of clubs, representatives of sport federations and the Olympic Committee of Kosova. The project included 800 respondents in all the cities of Kosova, and opinions collected from the respondents have provided a good base of information and orientation to a broader project, which would help for deeper elaboration of causes and composition of a strategy for prevention and elimination of violence in sport activities. en_US
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dc.title Reasons for Violence in Kosova Sport en_US
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