New Tendencies in Visual Arts of Kosova – From narration to conceptualism

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dc.description.abstract The modern art was brought to Kosova during the 1960s-1970s by the first generations of Albanian creators, who graduated from art academies of main art centres of former Yugoslavia – Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade. These creators will enter in the history as pioneers of Kosovar modern art. Some of these artists made attempts to develop authentic styles and doctrines. Some others, on the other hand, who did not manage to avoid the influences of their paedagogues, remained, unfortunately, under the Bacon and Chagal influences. The most characteristic representatives in painting are: Nysret Salihamixhiqi, Muslim Mulliqi, Xhevdet Xhafa, Engjëll Berisha, Adem Kastratit, Esat Valla; in sculpture: Agim Çavdarbasha and Agim Rudi; in graphics: Gjelosh Gjokaj, Fatmir Krypa, Agim Salihu and Ymer Shaqiri; in applied arts: Agush Beqiri Nuredin Loxha Simon Shiroka, Shyqri Nimani and Violeta Xhaferi. After the 1970s, new media art, as a category on its own, appeared. The word group contemporary art refers in general to the art being done now. A special feature of contemporary art are the issues that are often treated under the influence of concepts representing in the today’s world terms such as: cloning, politics, economy, sexuality, races, ethnities, human rights, war, poverty etc. with a special effort in performances, instillations and videos, exceeding thus completely the conventional limits. en_US
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dc.title New Tendencies in Visual Arts of Kosova – From narration to conceptualism en_US
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