Imazhi i Kosovës nëpërmjet trashëgimisë kulturore - monumenteve arkeologjike - historike

Show simple item record Morina, Idriz 2019-02-20T14:39:13Z 2019-02-20T14:39:13Z 2017
dc.description.abstract Searching for the image of Albanians in ancient times is the question of presented in this study, and how the image of Kosovo and Albanians can be improved today. Change of image of Albanians and Kosovo has tremendous importance, as it appears in recent decades damaged. To change this image one of the Study Opportunities sees the return to the values of ancient, ancient and old heritage and pre-antic. To reach the required results we are approaching some study areas that helps to find and strengthen of identity, which can be promoted as an image. Theories the information and data used in this study are based mainly to those of archeology, but also to language results, historical, genetic and mythological. In the absence of results like them archaeological finds in Kosovo to extract high-value identity ancient civilization, which also exists in the vision of manyforeign scholars, we have referred to archaeological findings like in Bosnia and especially in Croatia, a land belonging to ancient identity Albanian. The elevated hypothesis that Kosovo's image through antiquity and the Albanians in general, will change through the discovery of this antiquity for the foreign public has been confirmed in this study. The findings of the study show that Albanian archeology has remained apart back in her research, as well as the Albanian sciences do not have output the expected results. While, neither diplomacy does is interested in changing international image based onthe identity of antiquity. en_US
dc.subject Image, Pelasgians, protogreek, inheritance, canon, ancientness en_US
dc.title Imazhi i Kosovës nëpërmjet trashëgimisë kulturore - monumenteve arkeologjike - historike en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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