Information sources in Kosovo – traditional media vs. new media

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dc.description.abstract The information in the digital era has become diverse and redundant. The individual in society gets hundreds and thousands of messages in different ways and channels of communication, but at the end of the day, they remember the most important ones. In modern times, the Internet era, the spread of diverse information has become an easy job. Different editors often share information with no public value, but with a private matter for the individual who shares it. Today, this is possible through the internet where individuals have their accounts on social networks. To possess a Facebook site today is like having personal media or having a newspaper. There are newspapers, which do not sell more than 500 pieces a day, while on the other hand, an overwhelming number of individuals have thousands of friends on Facebook, meaning that many individuals today manage personal media with a larger audience than a newspaper. Therefore, this means that the concept of media is transformed today. It is another matter if all relevant information that circulates presents importance and interest for the individual. Today the information spreads in the new media without any cost, without any delay, and without any controlling filter for truthiness and ethics of that message. Another question that arises is from who are individuals informed today in our society in transition, what are they informed about, and what is the role of the media in this regard? Precisely these are the goals of the study "Information sources in Kosovo - traditional media vs. new media." The study aims to address this untreated problem, although it has been a long time since individuals use the new media, while youth is the biggest consumer and spends a few hours a day there. The distinguish done in the traditional media and new media is more of a conventional distinguish, because these media in the Internet era find converging channels and day-to-day the traditional media adapt, transform, and survive, although individuals tend more after new media to a variety of reasons. en_US
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dc.subject Kosovo, news, information sources, traditional media, new media, media, journalism, television, radio, internet, social media, facebook, twitter, blog en_US
dc.title Information sources in Kosovo – traditional media vs. new media en_US
dc.type Thesis en_US

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